Unstructured Datalake

Start With a Benchmarked Platform: Building Your Unstructured Datalake

To preserve and fully capitalize on the value of your Hadoop investment, your approach to Big Data must align with the capabilities and goals of the platform.


  • Post vendor platform installation re-configuration

  • Recovery of assets not leveraged by your strategy but enabled by base vendor installation

  • Installation of Add-On packages and supporting layers

  • Integration of reporting and tracking layers to existing infrastructure

  • Installation of security and role schemas needed to support corporate Big Data approach

  • Logical carve-out of Production, Development, QA and pure Analytics instances from common cluster

  • Independent tuning of logical instances carved from cluster

  • Installation and setup of supporting vendor layers [workflows, monitoring, distribution, msg queuing]

  • Configuration of service identities and resource pooling to align with approach


The client achieves a fully functional cluster(s) tuned to their specific use cases with all leveraged asset layers of Hadoop configured and integrated.  Non-leveraged asset layers are disabled to reduce resource spills.  The cluster will no longer be the ONE SIZE FITS ALL pattern but instead will be purpose built/configured for the clients specific use-case.




  • Duration:  2 – 6 weeks

  • Staffing:  1 Sr. Architect, 1 Sr. Hadoop Cluster Engineer

  • Cost:  $xx.xx - $xx.xx

  • Delivery Input:

    • Big Data Vendor meetings and delivery artifacts

    • Big Data Assessment package

    • IT monitoring, reporting, security, network constraints

    • Collaboration/Design meetings with client and vendors

  • Delivery Artifacts:

    • Fully configured and operating cluster(s)

    • Guided meetings and configuration session with client staff

    • “Designed As”, documentation

    • Tooling layer “Use-Case” examples/tutorials  documentation

    • Configuration and benchmark of each cluster

    • Delivery artifact education and meeting at hand-off points