Connecting the dots

Hadoop and Machine learning layers are complex

Our approach to insuring Big Data delivers on the promise of enabling the business in new ways and is based on our ability to "connect-the-dots" for both your development and support staff as well as your business leadership.   Simply having the capability is just half of the equation.  To break through and deliver on the ROI of Big Data, which truly transforms the business, the company needs to learn how Big Data can help, where it can help and sometimes and most importantly when and where NOT TO USE IT.   We bring your leadership up to speed on how the rest of the world is using it to solve problems and enable the business.  We deliver executive workshops that open their eyes to the new ways the business can surround itself with high fidelity data to build new opportunities, barriers to entry and enable fine grained trend management.

Machine Learning Articles

Datalakes are all the rage in IT right now, but can it really transform the tactics and strategy of the business ?

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