Resident Big Data Architect

When adopting leading edge tactics like machine learning and Big Data based datalakes, there is simply no substitute for absolute expertise.


The engagement is lead and expressed through formal Enterprise Architecture methods and artifacts 

Produces a detailed architecture package of the Big Data  components needed to accomplish the specific strategic goals of the initiative

  • Regular On-Site visits and participation with your team

  • Highly focus, recurring assessment/reconfiguration/tuning and approach planning

  • Collaboration with staff concerning their questions and gaps in understanding as well as technical skills

  • Teaching by example or ArcheoTypes is the proven method for rapid progress

  • Platform administration "best practices and "most common" use-case elaboration


On-site, absolute expertise in machine learning patterns as well as the low level configuration and operations of Hadoop clusters is delivered. These reoccurring on-site visits may be scheduled monthly or may extend through several months, it all depends on your need. We have the resources to staff any size engagement.

Machine Learning Articles

Datalakes are all the rage in IT right now, but can it really transform the tactics and strategy of the business ?

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