Unstructured Datalake

To preserve and fully capitalize on the value of your Hadoop investment, your approach to Big Data must align with the capabilities and goals of the platform.


  • Post-Vendor platform configuration

    • Recovery of assets not leveraged by your strategy but enabled by major vendor default configuration
    • Installation of all Add-On packages not installed by base vendor installation
    • Integration of reporting and tracking layers to existing infrastructure not covered by base installation
    • Installation and configuration of all security and audit layers
    • Logical carve-out of Production, QA, Development and possible PURE-ANALYTICS configurations
    • Independent tuning of each logical instance to right-size it for performance
    • Installation and configuration of all Add-On vendor software
    • Configuration and set up of all service identities that run production jobs


The client achieves a fully functional cluster(s) tuned to their specific use-cases with all leveraged asset layers of Hadoop configured and integrated which are needed to achieve their goals.  Non-leveraged asset layers are disabled to reduce resource consumption and improve overall efficiency.  The cluster will no longer be the ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL pattern so often installed by the three major vendors.


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